First Pitch Friday

First Pitch Friday

First Pitch Friday is a monthly event hosted in collaboration with Startup Atlanta, Venture Atlanta, and Vaxa Factor, along with other facilitators and sponsors across the ecosystem. The purpose is to provide women identifying founders the ability to pitch and get on the spot feedback from leading venture capital professionals who want to see you successfully raise.

About First Pitch Friday

First Pitch Friday began in 2020 by entrepreneur and venture investor, Christy Brown. The goal is to provide women a foundation and safe space to pitch their companies for venture funding. First Pitch Friday has enjoyed a partnership with Venture Atlanta, becoming an incredible funnel for leading female founders to be selected to present at Venture Atlanta. Venture Atlanta is held each
fall and is the largest venture capital conference on the east coast
connecting founders and funders.

At the end of the monthly pitch sessions, First Pitch Friday partners with Venture Atlanta to host a larger Pitch Showcase for the top founders to compete for one of the coveted slots of Venture Atlanta. Typically, Venture Atlanta selects as many as 4 founders from this showcase event.

This is an incredible opportunity for female founders and is completely free to participate.

First Pitch Fridays are a key component of our Pitch360 program. This is an amazing opportunity to present your company and get feedback from experts to help ensure you’re ready to get to the next level.

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