Jenn Leahy Promoted To Dragon Army CEO

Jenn Leahy was recently promoted to CEO of Atlanta based Digital Solutions firm Dragon Army., as recently announced in a press release and reported in the Atlanta Business Chronicle. Jenn Leahy was promoted from President to CEO. She’s previously held roles in business development and client relations.

I’ve had the great fortune to work with Jenn Leahy for over ten years. She’s a growth-minded, purpose-driven leader and absolutely the right person to lead this company forward. She’s had the greatest impact on Dragon Army’s ability to live into our Purpose of inspiring happiness. I’m extremely confident that she will continue to help our dragons inspire happiness in each other, with our clients, and with the broader Atlanta community.”

Chairman Jeff Hilimire

Dragon Army is a great example of companies who have entrusted their leadership going forward to Women CEOs and leadership. In fact, Dragon Army enjoys a completely women C suite, despite being founded originally by two men. In fact, according to Dragon Army’s leadership team page, 6 of the 8 executive leadership positions are held by women.

Vaxa Factor couldn’t be happier to celebrate this promotion, and to recognize Dragon Army and their founders, for continuing to empower women.

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