Vaxa Factor and Venture Atlanta Teaming Up To Support Women Entrepreneurs

Venture Atlanta recently outlined their approach and objectives to supporting women entrepreneurs for 2023 and Vaxa Factor is proud to be a key part of those efforts. Vaxa Factor and Venture Atlanta expect to announce a number of initiatives in early 2023 to support women CEO and founders.

Vaxa Factor and Venture Atlanta are specifically going to partner up to get more women founders in front of more investors. This will include 1 on 1 meetings, pitch opportunities and CEO development. All as part of the core mission of Vaxa Factor to provide community, learning, resources and funding for women CEOS, all in a single place.

Get Engaged With Vaxa Factor

Women CEOs who are interested in taking advantage of our partnership with Venture Atlanta, along with all of the benefits of Vaxa Factor can get engaged today by joining our mailing list, attending an upcoming event and more.

VCs, Angels, Community Organization and Other Community partners who are interested in partnering with Vaxa Factor or investing in the community can also get engaged with Vaxa Factor to support women founders and CEOs.

About Venture Atlanta

Venture Atlanta offers investors more connections to women founders than any other venture event. It’s one of the largest venture conferences in the country, with over 1,300 annual attendees, 450 funds, $7.5B in capital raised, and $17B in successful exits. 

We put the spotlight on successful women founders, not just through women entrepreneurs networking but also through sharing learnings and opportunities with our keynote speakers. Together, we’re supporting women entrepreneurs on stage every chance we get. 

About Vaxa Factor

Vaxa Factor’s mission is to enable women entrepreneurs by bringing together business education, community, resource connections and funding in a single place.  Our goal is to be different by enabling our founders to be the best possible business leaders while knocking down walls that disproportionately limit the opportunities.  Most importantly, we want founders, community partners and investment partners not just talk about deploying capital to women, but to do it. 

We want to reach more founders and, more importantly, engage the funding and resource community to help them execute and deploy funds to ensure the people who need it most have access. We are going to achieve this by meeting our founders where they are.  We are developing our business ED programs as a digital, self-paced program.  This will allow women who are parents or caretakers to learn, while they balance family and other demands.  It will also allow us to continue serving growing companies but to reach first time entrepreneurs and founders, particularly in communities where they may not have the flexibility to take a week or two off to join a traditional cohort. Our goal with business ED is not just to focus on first time founders, but to have series of programs that cover the entire lifestyle of being an entrepreneur from those early stages, through growth and beyond.  This way, we support our founders no matter where they are on their journey. Anyone interested in learning more can visit our get engaged page to get involved.

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